Lurching in History

15th January 2019. Remember this date; it will be historical. Also remember not many historical events are ‘Good Things’ (reference to ‘1066 And All That’). As we as a nation blunder on, and if we are truly honest (which we won’t be) through the combined efforts of Parliament and The Public could well see the […]

Seasons, Symbols and Sentiments

(( The Nativity By Gari Melchers I once encountered on a FaceBook page where Christians and Atheists (of an aggressive sort  that the UK seems to have) were having a set-to. One of the latter in all innocence wrote: ‘Of course if there was ever a Jesus, he was not born of the 25th December’ […]

Of Blinkered Thinking and Other Human Follies

Of course I should have behaved and note gone looking in FaceBook, just there I go kicking a hornet’s nest: This goes to show some folk don’t want to discuss or convince, only hurl insults: Transcript of origins on Facebook for you to decide who was right.   Jewish Voice for Peace Yesterday at […]