Lurching in History

15th January 2019. Remember this date; it will be historical. Also remember not many historical events are ‘Good Things’ (reference to ‘1066 And All That’). As we as a nation blunder on, and if we are truly honest (which we won’t be) through the combined efforts of Parliament and The Public could well see the […]

Seasons, Symbols and Sentiments

(( The Nativity By Gari Melchers I once encountered on a FaceBook page where Christians and Atheists (of an aggressive sort  that the UK seems to have) were having a set-to. One of the latter in all innocence wrote: ‘Of course if there was ever a Jesus, he was not born of the 25th December’ […]

Of Blinkered Thinking and Other Human Follies

Of course I should have behaved and note gone looking in FaceBook, just there I go kicking a hornet’s nest: This goes to show some folk don’t want to discuss or convince, only hurl insults: Transcript of origins on Facebook for you to decide who was right.   Jewish Voice for Peace Yesterday at […]

Patani – In Memory Of TAKBAI Incident

Originally posted on The Human Lens:
Wattana, with The Human Lens Thailand’s deep south: Younger generation raising voice to fight against the military atrocities in a climate of distrust and wide spread violence. For those new to this issue, The Human Lens has been reporting field stories in collaboration with our official partner, North South Initiative-Malaysia…

USA…6th November 2018

Mid-terms. If you ever thought it all had nothing to do with you anyway, guess again If you never cared much for your country before, think about Her now If you only have a vague idea about the Civil War and no idea about the decades prior to those events, Wikipedia them now, soon and […]

A View on The Present State of Brexit

At a time in British Politics where there is no substantial evidence of anyone who could influence events and who seems to care about the overall welfare of the population. Just at time when we stumble into a momentous and ill-considered action This event springs to mind.   Cromwell Dissolves The Long Parliament (20 April 1653) […]