Lurching in History

15th January 2019.

Remember this date; it will be historical. Also remember not many historical events are ‘Good Things’ (reference to ‘1066 And All That’).

As we as a nation blunder on, and if we are truly honest (which we won’t be) through the combined efforts of Parliament and The Public could well see the beginning of the end of The UK as it was known, I am reminded of The amazingly British Christian Book of Common Prayer and extracts from Morning and Evening Prayer: Particular emphasis on those lines in bold italics

O Lord, open thou our lips.
Answer. And our mouth shall shew forth thy praise.
Minister. Enlighten our minds, O Lord.
Answer. That we may understand the great things of thy law.
  Minister. O God, make speed to save us.
Answer. O Lord, make haste to help us. 


O Lord, show thy mercy upon us;
    Answer. And grant us thy salvation.
    Minister. O Lord, save the King and Queen.
    Answer. And mercifully hear us when we call upon thee.
    Minister. Endue thy Ministers with righteousness;
    Answer. And make thy chosen people joyful.
    Minister. O Lord, save thy people; (in this case a heartfelt cry of anguish)
Answer. And bless thine inheritance.

Apt eh?

Forget which side you may or may not be on and in all the myriad sub-division.

Just hope for a classic British ‘Fudge’ (compromise)


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