An Explanation of The Latest Twist in Brexit.

Tonight the House of Commons voted on the Government’s Latest Plan to leave  as follows:

For: 202

Against: 432

To simplify the matter this is equivalent to the House of Commons going

Big Raspberry

To the Government of the day.

However this is not a simple Big Raspberry

Because some folk voted Big RaspberryBecause they wished the UK to leave the EU without any deal

While others voted Big RaspberryBecause they wished for the UK to stay with the EU

And others voted Big RaspberryBecause they wanted to leave with different sort of deal.

There were probably some who votedBig RaspberryBecause they don’t like the Prime Minister

What happens next you ask?cropped-unit2_lesson22.pngWell, may you ask

The first thing is that the Leader of H.M .Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn jeremy corbyn      (respectful photograph, lest I get accused of being a fascist by devoted followers of the man)

Has tabled a motion of No Confidence in the Prime Minister theresa may


This means MPs vote on whether to go

Big Raspberry

At the Prime Minister herself and not just the Brexit deal.

If enough MPs go

Big Raspberry

She will have to resign and there might be a General Election (As both main political parties are split between Remain and Leave, the election campaign would be shall we say

Interesting)……British Cabinet

If a lot of MPs who went
Big Raspberryat the deal tonight decide not to go

Big Raspberryat the Prime Minister

Then the government sort of survives and the whole business of deals and part deals, or whole deals of mini-deals continues, or starts up again tragedy





Or not, as the case may be

I trust I have clarified the position for you



8 thoughts on “An Explanation of The Latest Twist in Brexit.

  1. Thank you for such an astute clarification of today’s events! I particularly like the ‘toon! But … one of your statements puzzled me. Corbyn has devoted followers??? Who knew???

    Sigh … you guys have as much of a mess as we do, and as many hateful people in your government. As David often tells me, I can picture the steam coming from your ears all the way on this side of the pond.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Known as the Corbynistas they descend on anyone who speaks blasphemy against JC (oh the irony) with a vilification and a bile which would make a US Alt-Righter blush.
      The steam has blown out for the present Jill I am now at a state of ‘watching with morbid fascination’….but don’t worry I’ll heat up again soon.
      I must have my hrrrummphs!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahhhh … the Corbynistas! Si Señor … now I understand! There must always be some -istas just to keep life interesting! Surely, though, he isn’t taken seriously among the majority? Sigh.

        I am glad you have blown out all the steam so it doesn’t build as within a pressure cooker and blow the roof off! But yes, I know you will heat up again soon. Meanwhile … relax and enjoy your cloudy, gloomy day, yes? If you would like, I shall try to divert the snowstorm we are expecting this weekend to Wales for your viewing pleasure! 🙃

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s difficult to say whether JC is taken seriously by the Majority, as the Majority as not a Majority anymore but a hodge-podge of minorities either huffin’ an a’ puffin’ or sitting there scratching their head, or just going ‘duhhhh’.
        JC’s devoteds’ excesses are one of the reasons I turned my back on the Labour Party…not remotely like good socialists (It’s hard work getting a socialist govt in the UK, you have to do it so folks don’t notice until the election is over).
        Snow is tempting, but it makes like hard for other folks, I’ll settle for gloomy, steady but no dangerous rain, dark grey skies and a low mournful wind….Ahhhh bliss 🤗!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. So, relative to all these minorities running about huffin’ and puffin’, Corbyn is relatively among the more intelligent? Scary thought.

        I do worry about you, dear Roger. You rather remind me of the mad scientist who thrives on a thunderstorm while in his laboratory he is creating the ultimate monster … FrankenTrump! 👾

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I don’t rate Corbyn either. He’s a guy who thought he could run a political party got a bunch of frantic followers and is now out of his depth, it might be familiar only he hasn’t’ got a monstrous ego and a complete lack of any moral base. Other than that wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time.
        Scientist?…God bless you loves!
        No, I’m the guy with the stern face, flowing hair and wrapped in a long billowing cloak standing at the battlements of a remote castle in a storm riven landscape glowering outwards and thinking ‘Fools!’ 😤


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