Seasons, Symbols and Sentiments

((NATIVITY The Nativity By Gari Melchers

I once encountered on a FaceBook page where Christians and Atheists (of an aggressive sort  that the UK seems to have) were having a set-to. One of the latter in all innocence wrote:

‘Of course if there was ever a Jesus, he was not born of the 25th December’

And I thought (for once I was just a witness not a participant) ‘Well no kidding man. Like you’ve only just thought of that? Something most Christians have known and accepted for literally ages,’

Only to recap, because most folk have ‘got’ this already. When Christianity was on the rise and encountering folk who celebrated Winter Solstice, ‘Christmas’ evolved along the lines of  (my words hereon in)

‘OK. The Celebration going on marks the turning of the season, and that things will getter because spring is on the way. What better was to illustrate the concept of the ‘Coming of The Son of God’? OK then your folk, this is what Christianity is all about; things are going to get better, Christ is the Spring. You’ve been right to celebrate, you just weren’t told the whole idea,’

(I’m going to get into so much trouble with folk of various beliefs or non-beliefs if this post ever gets to be read by more than 5 folk and re-blogged…..Oh well)

Thus I celebrate Christmas as a secular and a religious event and this reminds me to get off my high chair and remove the stick out my shirt (family-friendly time) and realise it’s not about who can get the moral-high ground. It is about trying to get on with folks and emptying an allegorical bucket full of icy water to get my hot-headness out of the way. Let rational have a say:

My words again:

For some parts of Christianity, the beginning of December is marked as the start of the season of Advent which is a celebration of our Faith but does not give us the right to feel superior over other folk. As any parent of more than one child knows they are not all exactly alike and cannot be spoken to in the same way. Thus God in their infinite wisdom saw fit to reveal the Universal Truths in different ways to different ‘children’ or peoples. At each core of teaching lies Compassion, Respect and Tolerance. If we do not hold to these then we at least wayward at worse worthless. I do not question God why some are Muslim, some Jewish, others Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Zoroastrian and I apologise to those whose faiths I have not mentioned. And I see no argument with anyone who denies or doubts the existence of a Supreme Being (as long as they don’t abusively try and shove that down my allegorical throat). Those who use abuse, mockery, lies, intimidation or violence I care not if you are of the same race as me you are no fellow of mine, if you claim to be of my particular way of Faith and use those vile weapons, I disown you. You are children lost in Ignorance and Bitterness.  If each and everyone one of us seeks to follow our own paths using those yardsticks of Compassion, Respect and Tolerance then we are being true to our beliefs, and I will consider you my brothers or sisters.

So it’s not up to me to judge your beliefs for their own sake. Only if they are warped to abuse others.

For those who subscribe to the Unity of our World in Compassion, Respect and Tolerance I wish you and yours all the best for now and ahead.



9 thoughts on “Seasons, Symbols and Sentiments

  1. Although not a Christian, I love Christmas … well, this year not so much, but most years I do … as simply a time when people set aside their anger, their differences for a bit and celebrate family and friendship. I love the lights, yes even the tackiest of decorations can bring a smile. The smell of cookies baking (though I don’t like the 5 pounds I’ll need to lose in January) and I notice that people in stores and on the street are more likely to smile and say, “Hello, Merry Christmas” at this time of year. I share your sentiment about other people’s religion … “Live and let live” … it’s not my business to question why anybody is a Christian or a Muslim or Jew … I have friends of all faiths and as you said, as long as they don’t shove their beliefs down my throat, it’s all good. For a number of reasons, I am agnostic, but I don’t criticize others for their beliefs, for none of us really know. So today, it is enough for me and the Sig Six to wish you, Sheila and your kids & grandkids the merriest Christmas! 🎄

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    1. Me too Jill.
      I just love all those little bits and pieces. Even though I know you’d never get two robins in the same garden without a fight I still go gooey at the ‘two on a branch’.
      One of the nicest tales I heard was on a random mild US Christian Radio station I once bounced into on the net.
      The person being interviewed was a well-known atheist scientist in the US (I’ve forgotten the name), in part of the interview she said with such affection
      ‘I get letters from people saying ‘I know you’re an atheist but I still pray for you’ which is kinda sweet,’
      That’s how it should be.
      Happy Christmas again Jill to you, your daughter, granddaughter and The Six!

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