Of Blinkered Thinking and Other Human Follies

Of course I should have behaved and note gone looking in FaceBook, just there I go kicking a hornet’s nest:

This goes to show some folk don’t want to discuss or convince, only hurl insults:

Transcript of origins on Facebook for you to decide who was right.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas filed a lawsuit Tuesday challenging a state law that requires government contractors to certify they are not engaged in boycotts of Israel, the ACLU said.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of four Texans, argues the law “forces them to choose between their livelihoods and their First Amendment rights.”


Roger Jacob Anyone making a fuss over trading with any other state or is Israel the only fashionable one?ManageLike · Reply · 19h

Paul Alexander

Paul Alexander head over to google and find out.2ManageLike · Reply · 15h

Roger Jacob

Roger Jacob Paul Alexander I did…still looking for a groundswell of opinion in the Western public over South SudanManageLike · Reply · 13h

Drake Tungsten

Drake Tungsten South Sudan does not have a manipulative foothold in our government resembling a parasite on a hostManageLike · Reply · 11h

Haroon Rashid

Haroon Rashid Your just another white supramcist zionazi who is trying to deprive a brown American of her 1st amendment right to freely express herself by boycotting what is an apartheid state. (f-word deleted )you jacobs.ManageLike · Reply · 9h

Haroon Rashid

Haroon Rashid Jacobs try staying on topic take your ADD meds.ManageLike · Reply · 9h

Roger Jacob

Roger Jacob Haroon Rashid Oh another stock reply… I normally get those from EDL supporters…although to give you credit you didn’t ‘f-bomb’,,,,Also from get the same response from Brexiteers You really should change your material…The responses are getting very predictable… It is also interesting that what is happening in places like South Sudan doesn’t seem to trouble you…Oh well another discussion comes to an end. Don’t bother replying, I really can’t be bothered……I’ll stick with my own crew who are more concerned with the world as a whole and not just one bit…..ManageLike · Reply · 2h

Roger Jacob

Roger Jacob Haroon Rashid Kid, you crack me up. I have spent 50+ years on this planet fighting against racism, xenophobia, religious intolerance, misogyny, the return of fascism and the whole rest of hate…And along you trot with your snappy 5 minute created judgemental little one-liner. Where did the Zionism come in as well?…Would that be my name….Oh let me educate me…That goes back to the 13th century in Britain….With Celtic influences… You know what really concerns me? It’s the entire planet…It’s a world where there are intolerances against minorities everywhere. What troubles me is a social media world, a place where currently folk pick and choose their causes and then ignore the rest of the world, because it’s not important to them. You show me a march with thousands demanding justice for all groups and I’m in it…I don’t do ‘selective’…You don’t get to judge me kiddo, you’ve not earned anything close that right….By the way Israel?…As long as the folk are convinced by an Orwellian govt of religious fanatics, bigots and corrupt opportunists, historically I’ll reckon it’s got another 100 years, tops before it fall apart……then there’ll be fighting over the scraps Unless by some miracle the Da’am Socialist Workers party gets in power ….Clear enough for you?… .as we used to say back in the 1960s…’Man, I am out of here!’ManageLike · Reply · 2h

Roger Jacob

Roger Jacob Drake Tungsten No its war criminal govts just continue fighting oppressing and using rape as a weapon of war, so that must make it fine then? As long as it keeps everything in its own borders and not make a fuss in the international community. How civilised of them.ManageLike · Reply · 5m

Roger Jacob

Roger Jacob Haroon Rashid Oh you did use an f-bomb after all. Well…no better than any other extremist….Don’t bother replying to me again sonny, I weary of your sort black, white brown, or any shade…..Manage

Couldn’t even get my surname right……that’s being on for at least 60 years….

Morale: Some folk only want to hear what they think?


8 thoughts on “Of Blinkered Thinking and Other Human Follies

  1. I missed this post a few days ago … just noticed it tonight. Sigh. The world is full of hate, my friend, and you only give yourself ulcers when you argue with these people, but since I do the same, I understand. Some days it’s just too much to ignore. The reality is that if a situation, be it global or local, does not directly affect a person, they are likely not very interested. I see that all the time, when I make mention of Yemen, or the refugee crisis in Greece, or even Khashoggi’s murder … it doesn’t personally affect them so they just don’t care. The ones you were ‘chatting’ with remind me of a bunch of college freshmen who think they know a whole lot more than they do. Deep breaths now, dear Roger … pogo stick is awaiting!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. After that one I shut down a lot of my ‘followings’ on FaceBook.
      I confess my dear friend, I was still enjoying it far too much. They were such easy targets for ‘grim me’ to tear into and humiliate. I was looking for them, they’d get my sights and ‘pow’ another trophy on Roger’s Wall of ‘Justifiable Hate’.
      I thought, ‘Man this is really getting waaay too freaky even for you. You’re losing out on your WP and writing time. Back out now before you flip into ‘Punisher’ (Marvel Comics) or ‘Death Wish’ mode’ (not literally, just allegorical you understand)….
      So I quit, three days before Christmas. Although a random post came up which showed a post of a refugee family of three and a caption which compared them to the Holy Family. Some guy trying to be clever The Holy Family were not immigrants because Rome had called them for a census. I gently pointed out this picture referenced ‘The Flight Into Egypt’ from Herod. The census picture would have been of Joseph and a very pregnant Mary….it was all quite restrained.
      So I am hanging up my keyboard version of a semi-automatic rifle and sticking with the ‘social’ side of FB, my collection of Good Folk on WP and my book.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I wonder if sometimes engaging in those ‘discussions’ is rather a catharsis for us … a steam vent, as it were? When it comes to the point that it is taking us away from our lives, our writing, our families, or having physical effects, then yes, it is time to step away. But for just a bit every now and then, I am not so sure it’s a bad thing. It’s rather like having a glass of wine every now and then … the key is in knowing where to draw the line. All things in moderation. But you are right … you have better things to do … must I speak, again, to Karlyn, Trelli and Arketre about getting you back to the book? I’m looking forward to the book, and I ain’t gettin’ any younger, y’know! 😉 Hugs, dear Roger! Hang in …

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      2. Hi Jill! Karlyn ‘ere’….🙋🏻Yer! We dragged his silly self back in front of the keyboard!
        I says to him ‘Look, there’s the final battle chapters to be done. They don’t write themselves y’know!’🤦🏻‍♀️
        An’ anyway My Flaxi says he’s under strict orders to stay away from that FB place ‘sept for social stuff. She can do that, her being a captain…’

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      3. Hi Karlyn!!! Good to see you! 🙋🏻 I will rest easy now, knowing you girls have a handle on everything. Yes, please, keep him away from FB … it isn’t good for his blood pressure, and at this rate, I won’t live long enough to read the book!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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