USA…6th November 2018


If you ever thought it all had nothing to do with you anyway, guess again

If you never cared much for your country before, think about Her now

If you only have a vague idea about the Civil War and no idea about the decades prior to those events, Wikipedia them now, soon and reflect….could it happen again?

If you think the USA is immune from internal collapse through toxic division, think again.

Back when it came out I used to think the song ‘Monster’ by Steppenwolf was a bit over-blown…seek it out and reflect.

US Stars and Stripes

If this means anything to you

If you have never voted before, vote now.

God Speed America,

I care for you like Family


Socialist, Christian, British

North East Wales, UK




15 thoughts on “USA…6th November 2018

  1. Thank you, Roger. So many need to hear these words, so many need to open their eyes and see, to open their minds and think, and yet they are hypnotized in some way, apathetic to the realities of what could be our future. Thanks for caring from across the pond, and thanks for thinking of us as family … you know I feel the same about you!

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      1. And at the end of the day, we did as well as we could expect. I was pleased by the turnout, disgusted and angered by the many attempts at voter suppression, but nonetheless, we now have a bit of a voice, a bit of means for holding Trump accountable. But this is not by any means the end, as he has shown us today by firing Jeff Sessions and revoking a reporter’s press creds simply because said reporter was asking him tough questions. This is only the beginning. Sigh.

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      1. You tell ’em, Roger! I remember the excuse I wrote about in one of my recent posts that the person said that “I think there’s a way to be an informed nonvoter. I’d rather have an informed nonvoter than an uninformed voter going in and making a choice they don’t understand.” What a load of b.s.!

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      2. Exactly! It is a cop-out and I suspect a means of the person making themselves feel self-righteous. Lately, I find I want to smack people like that. Probably a good thing I don’t get out much, eh?

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      3. We have them here too.
        It bears repeating
        Martin Niemöller: ‘ “First they came for the socialists…”
        Let them argue their way out of those words.
        I find I want to smack a lot of people. I am, however, very broad minded about which side of the political divide.
        One thing about Idiocy; it is free of political, religious and social barriers.

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