A View on The Present State of Brexit

At a time in British Politics where there is no substantial evidence of anyone who could influence events and who seems to care about the overall welfare of the population. Just at time when we stumble into a momentous and ill-considered action

This event springs to mind.



Cromwell Dissolves The Long Parliament (20 April 1653)

by Andrew Carrick Gow

Cromwell was hardly a man who would sit well in today’s public ideal of a Prime Minister…..however…….

He said words which are applicable to these times ” You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately…Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!’




8 thoughts on “A View on The Present State of Brexit

  1. I concur… In the name of Good, go already!! All of you who think that serving your own needs will fool or placate the masses! All of you (even among the masses) who believe in your entitlement over others! The world, THIS world, can no longer support you. We, of sound mind and compassionate hearts, rescind our willingness to be guided or governed by the likes of you!

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    1. Well said Lisa.
      These people who are leading the Brexit charge are of very independent means and won’t feel the financial pain.
      Not dissimilar to those folk ‘On The Hill’ who play that criminally irresponsible game of holding up government finance bills; they don’t have mortgages, rent, food or medical bills to worry about.

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      1. Exactly. But my plea also extends to those without means who feel the world owes them, whether it be resources, respect or space. I’m so tired of rude people who will not acknowledge that we are all in this together. Those who treat others as “less than” them, regardless of circumstance.

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      2. One of the sad traits of History Lisa. They have always been there, and are responsible for most of the human tragedies. It says much for the fortitude of the better sides of Human Nature that these malignant folk have not yet destroyed The Human Race.

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      3. It says much about the resiliency of the human heart that so many of us continue to care and to love in spite of them. It would be so much easier just to give up. And give in. Letting the selfish shadow claim another “victim.”

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  2. Hello Mr Woebegone. I have met you before, usually commenting on our mutual friend Sha’Tara’s blog. Now I’ve found your rants – what a delight. I have no hesitation in following this side of you. I’m also going to check out your History of the Isles, if only to see to what extent it concurs with my own interpretations of our history.

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    1. Hello Frank.
      Thank you for your kind words.
      There are several excerpts on my other blog ‘heoricallybadwriter’. I owe all inspiration to the classic ‘1066 and All That’ and its American ‘child’ a series by Richard Armour ‘It All Started With…’
      Thank you for dropping by.
      Best wishes


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