Times Which Try and Test. A Journey Down A Twisting Path.

Hello there reader.

Would you walk with me a while? Though I should warn you it will be a rather long path with a few twists, turns and contradictions and I regret profanities. Sadly I am as prone to Human failings as anyone.

There is no juncture when you can say the political stage is not free from passion and some measure of the incendiary. This would be to deny Human Nature.

In cases of Democracies the whole process is more open and subject to public vitriol. This is because folk, short of suggesting a call to violence and hate know they can say what they like and there will not be a knock on the door at 3am (the favoured calling hour of the Political Police). Of course this will initiate a like response from the opposition and a counter-response annndd…. away we go. We all throw rocks and we all call the other side stupid and consensus is something we USED to leave to the grown ups who were the professionals. Those who in our name did the back-room deals and the understandings which we were all so quick to vilify, yet in truth kept our nations chuntering along, because we the People, when left to our own devices are a selection of mobs subject to appetites and passions. Remember “Power to The People”?…..Ha! Even if those days when it was fashionable I would have sooner trusted a pack of indolent time-servers than The People…The Mob. Be honest folks, those of you have attended meeting, sports events or protests, have you ever felt that urge? The dirty one we do not like to talk about or admit to. The sly whisper to crush and wipe out the opposition. Be honest now. Look me in the allegorical eye. We The People are dangerous. Ask any hapless person with a baseball cap with a pro-Trump message who happens to take the wrong turning and finds themselves in the midst of a protest march against Trump? Ask any person with a Brexit slogan who bumps into a Remain Meeting? Never mind Liberty give me consensus.

Thus, for the record speaks a person who voted Remain and thinks the current occupant of the Whitehouse is a ridculous creature who happily will be consigned by future historians as nothing more than fluke.

And yet this is a time which truly tests the souls of Folk.

Look to our own UK. Here 15,000,000 people were convinced that declining nation with a minimal industrial base and an island with no merchant marine of its own could somehow leave a 45 year old association just by a snap of its fingers. Well happy dreams for you folk, you were so cute and innocent I could have wrapped you in a fluffy blanket and left a night-light on.

Now that was bad enough. Worse was to come, the racist elements were quickly out expecting all the foreigners, the ones who were doing the jobs no one else would do OR had not bothered to get qualified for to quit the nation overnight. Perhaps I should not be too hard on stupid old UK, there is not one nation or people who are not guilty of such nonsense, which History teaches will be the step to destruction.

Far worse, the Party which was voted into government and entrusted with the sacred duty of ruling a nation for the good of the people fights itself. There are its petty little battles over some 19th century idea we are still a world power. There are those who are simply taking this as an opportunity to make their tawdry grab at power for its own sake. Those who are wealthy and so removed they suggest there will be troubles but that folk can rely on their savings, without asking the majority of the population if they have any savings. And amongst the morass arises the odious Boris Johnson, a child of privilege and the best schools(best = money) who has rarely made any secret of the fact that Boris is his main concern. Although he rode public approval as Mayor of London, during Good Times it should be mentioned this is not the same league as National Politics . This adulterous bag of appetites and privilege who was barely noticeable as a Foreign Secretary, who quit the job on the eve of an important meeting. A person with a penchant for clownish behaviour and yet lack of back-bone is now considered as a possible leader on the ruling Conservative Party and thus PM, and has a groundswell of common support, This is what our nation has sunk to. And I have previously made my views clear on my own divorce from the Labour Party.Another Journalist Attacked for Doing Their Job (but don’t say I said so, will you?)

And speaking of ill-qualified, self-serving creature of a dubious past we have in the USA Trump. A person with no experience of government, who has no idea of consensus, who is supposed to rule over a nation of 300,000,000, but will only speaking to 30,000,000. Who,  by the way lost the popular vote. A person who serves only to divide a young nation with his childish rants. A character who avoided the draft and yet had the obscene gall to be critical of a war-hero.

Now abuse of a president is nothing new. Vile accusations, just so. It goes with the job. It’s a tough world in politics. You got to have that rhino-skin, watch you back and have a bit of the brawler in your character. However, in a democracy you should also be ready to reach out to the folk who dislike, even hate you and try to sell them your line. It’s all about winning over the nation….Stupid! Not circling the wagons and preaching to your devoteds. Sweet mercy read the demography!! OK folk will say unfair things about you, suck it up, get your backbone stiff, face them and talk to them. Hellfire! I worked in public service and I had to take threats, abuse and accusations most days; it was my duty to take it on the chin. I didn’t rant off. Trump you are disgrace to the office. When George W Bush jnr was re-elected I was annoyed at the British reaction…obscenity warning….. (What the Fuck has it to do with you? A majority voted for its nation’s leader- back off assholes!). Apart from turning up at Ground Zero during 9/11 (I still have the Newsweek magazine) I did not agree with anything he did, but dammit at least he tried to sell the policies and tried not to be divisive. Trump you are, I repeat a damn disgrace to the office.

So my readers, what do we do in these trying times of ignorance and anger, which be honest claw and stroke at our own hearts, whisper to us the suggestion that the only answer to the problems are those of Hate, Anger and best of all destruction of the foe. Yesssss, it says to you. Tear it down! Smash! Burn! To the streets brothers and sisters! Let them feel our wrath! Bring it down in glorious Gotterdammerung…Oh the sweet glory! Let us stand on the rubble and chant our battle cries of victory!

Does it work for you?

Does taking up arms against this sea of troubles (yes I know, not my phrase!) in this way work for you. Will it help?

Like to see where the loudmouths, vainglorious, and above all the opportunists are taking you….

English Civil War. Irish ‘Troubles’. Spanish Civil War. American Civil War. Chinese Cultural Revolution. Partition of India and Pakistan? Do those few examples sound familiar. For each violent and angry act, there is an equal and opposite reaction, and one in turn and so forth. ‘Ah’ they say, ‘ours was different, we fought for a freedom…..’

Oh please. Was it really worth the tears of those children and grieving parents? Those agonies of the raped women?…Spare me your sanitised version of events, I’m not buying rotting fish (err that’s plagiarised from ‘Sweet Smell of Success’ Burt Lancaster & Tony Curtis film by the way).

You still speaking in defence of all that bloodshed …..High Holy. You are part of the problem, then aren’t you? A bit like me on a ‘good’(bad) day. (Oh yes, I have allegorical hardware tucked away in my shabby corner, just as well I never went into politics).

Let us draw our collective breath. Let us look at pictures of the rubble of burning towns. Let us dwell on the pictures of dying and dead soldiers. Turn our attention to crying and screaming children. Look to civilians lost, forlorn and crushed. Screw the apologists and those who blame one side or an other, to Hell with them. Were any of those images truly worth the cause? Are you ready for that? Are you ready to let Loose War, a creature with its own sense of Logic and consumes all in its Purpose? Are you, those who are offended by my words, ready to be responsible for the tears on just one child, because I tell you, you take up civil violence, you support it, you, if it suits you deny it happened, you turn your back on it or pretend it is nothing to do with you, then let me tell you, you have blood on your hands. Maybe not as much. But the taint is there. We all have it. Do not deny it, there no escape from the collective responsibility.

But you say. ‘That is not fair. You put this burden and blame on me? And anyway what can I do about it?’

Nothing worthwhile comes easy, brother, sister, friends. We try and hope we can wash the blood from our hands with the waters of acts for the weak, the defenceless, the hurt and the harmless. We give them our compassion, our respect and our tolerance. We turn our backs on the hate-mongers, the vilifies, the violence-merchants and the opportunists. There is only one respectable Intolerance and that is Intolerance of the Intolerant. Turn your backs on them, in biblical terms, shake their dust of lies and false rhetoric from your souls, for to paraphrase some words for Jesus Christ (my Lord and Saviour and forgive me for my transgressions) ‘it will go ill for them on Judgement Day’.

Beware them. Beware their mobs. Above all beware of yourself.

All of us will answer on Judgement Day. Let us make sure it is not one we manufacture for ourselves.

Take care those who would call me brother or friend. Do as best you can.

We live in trying and testing times.

Ask any minority about how it feels.


19 thoughts on “Times Which Try and Test. A Journey Down A Twisting Path.

  1. Good one, Roger! You are quite right … none of us are above getting ‘down and dirty’, but in the end, it solves nothing and creates so much heartache for all. I don’t know what the solutions are, either for your nation or my own, but violence and bloodshed are NOT the way to fix the problems. Many thanks, my friend, for the timely reminder, for this past week I have often thought myself capable of murdering a certain few people in Washington. Luckily, I am a coward … plus I have neither a car nor weapon. 😉

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      1. Heck, if I did get one I’d probably end up shooting my ownself! They say that the pen (laptop) is mightier than the sword (Colt 45), so maybe we should start the GoFundMe for a new laptop, since BD (Baby Dell) has a mind of his own these days!) 😀

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    1. Thanks Jill
      Sadly there are no solutions. Events have moved beyond the stage of repair and consensus, we must now watch the tides of passion play out, until some resemblance of normality returns or the next tectonic event takes place and the USA changes from the nation you now recognise. But never credit Trump with much he is but a figure head.
      We must now, to our own small territories to do what we can. We must speak in defence of the vulnerable, the weak and defenceless. Withhold it from those who abuse. We must show our distain for the hate-mongers in simple, short statements of contempt and dismiss their followers likewise.
      Our souls are being tested Jill, for the car-weapon, the gun or the petrol bomb are never far away from our hearts.

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      1. I had hoped by now for for some sense of perspective to have set in amongst the those in high office and those about them. And yet these who would claim to be rulers and their advisors have absolutely no sense of history of its lessons.
        Soften our hearts to those who deserve our compassion and hardened the same hearts to those who would breathe hate and conflict (from whichever political, social or faith system it comes for they are my foes)

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      2. Aww the shmuck was askin’ fer it!! (Tiger Lily would understand 😼).
        Anyway that’s done fer the moment… Volume II…’Skimishers’ is calling big-time!
        (Which is why I’m tending to vanish of WP from time to time these days)

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  2. I am of the opinion that all, bar none, evils stem from the individual heart. When these nasties find their freedom, they coalesce and form power groups which then become systems from which a pyramid of solid power is formed. On this world, and I suspect most of this universe, there are three Powers that rule: Religion, Government and Money. Try as one might no one can claim to exist, to live a normal life entirely devoid of interference and control from any one of these Powers. A challenge: find one person living entirely free of any sort of manipulation, control, need, of any one Power. Religion, Government, Money: behold your gods, O man! But of a certainty it is us, individually, who make it possible for these gods to arise and wield absolute control over our world. We did this through our own greed, lusts, desires, even hopes and dreams, all of which require that we cease looking within for completion and turned to our man-made pyramids of Powers to find fulfillment for our own lives. We created the monsters that now plague us and are in the process of killing us and our world. Let’s put the “blame” where it belongs so we can look at real solutions. Since these Powers are false gods, we need first of all to stop feeding them. We need to stop giving them legitimacy by fighting about and over them. We need to find another way to express ourselves within what we call life. We need to grow up spiritually, mentally, psychologically. As long as we worship and serve our gods we will always wake up with the disturbing question: who am I? Answer: I am nobody because I am a believer. I worship God; I believe in government; I need money for stuff and without my gods to provide for my security, salvation and daily bread I have no life. That is the problem. These things that suck the life-blood out of all and sundry are accounted as life givers. Time to grow up and take responsibility for ourselves. Are our three Powers or gods really nothing more than idols? Easy to find out. Stop feeding them and see how long they last, or see how much power they really have without their believers and servants. Self empowerment will mean the end of everything we take for granted and are so afraid of losing, i.e., our civilization, but it will give us the one thing we’ve sought and never managed to “find”: freedom. Freedom from want and violence; freedom to express ourselves as we choose for none of it will translate as exploitation, seduction or oppression.

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    1. Here Sha’ Tara, once we have been able to control our destructive urges we can find the balances.
      I believe in God, in a Christian manner. But way should it offend me if someone worships another way. I have no right to tell another theirs in the wrong path.
      A rate of exchange for services or trade or what have you can exist as a means of community, you do this for me, and I do that or give you that in return. It is the accumulation of excess and the exploitation of others for that excess is the problem.
      We have different ways of running our communities, we will would we are people, each individual. But let us get together and reach compromise or delegation.
      To each unto their own, to their own needs without exploiting or harming another
      To organise the community of the society for the common good and everyone bearing the common shared responsibility.
      To channel our excesses into productive energies.
      And those who express Intolerance to another group and refuse to recant are to be caste out.

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      1. Methinks though that for any “community” to function to the betterment of the entire community, such must be strictly defined: home and family? Town? City? Province? Nation? United Nations? At the present time most of these are dysfunctional, oppressive systems or sub-systems. Can we face our dilemma of community individually through self empowerment or again, as individuals, intelligent, sentient, self aware and self empowered, should we not actually consider that we are past the stage of community living and we need to develop a totally new way of interaction? I sometimes think of the Earthian species being at the level of a pubescent teen. No longer a child, not yet an adult. Well, maybe it’s time to choose the responsibilities that come with adulthood?

        I find it interesting that you put an “e” at the end of cast… deliberate play on words or a typo?

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      2. History shows us that none of the above have been perfect. We have flaws which make this so.
        However we have now reached a time when experience should have taught us that the old ways of hate, division and subjugation just do not work. However we still continue along these paths. Until we purge ourselves of ignorance and hate we are essentially doomed, if nothing else to walk a path of misery and fear. The flaw is not in the organisations we create, the flaw lies in us and how we operate them. We have not learned our lessons.

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