Now here is a more astute distillation of the points I was trying to make yesterday.
This blog is well worth a visit. For all sorts of reasons (some just plain hilarious-in an adult way)

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Like everyone else, I’m angry in a heated conflict, but unless that anger can intimidate and stun, I try and keep it under wraps.  In fact, sometimes I smile at my opponent and pretend to be their friend.

Because sometimes, certain people can use your insults to motivate them, so I deny them my anger—they might possibly use it as an asset against me.  My goal is not to dominate, it’s to achieve my objective and nothing more.

And though I am vengeful, I firmly believe results are the best revenge—let them speak for themselves, and let others get righteous or indignant over their inability to achieve them.

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